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How can I find a job without a diploma?

The sectors that recruit candidates without a diploma are: hotels, logistics, catering, mass distribution, environment, transport, security and digital… highlight professional experience and career retraining.

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Job Ads

They inform you about the standards to be met when responding to a job advertisement


Home working

Working from home requires a lot more organisation and some additional factors


Seasonal employment

What are the exact sectors to be chosen and the steps to be taken?


Career guidance

The orientation test is used to obtain indications on personality and characters

Job offers

This guide will help you find a student job quickly. Choose a recruitment agency with more information available on Emploi Recrutement and think about applying for jobs easily.

as well as professional networks such as LinkedIn… The student looking for a job must have a good motivation, send his CV with a covering letter.

Jobs related to renewable energies

Discover the list of jobs related to the renewable energy sector: energy management consultant, distillation and fermentation agent, biomass project manager, wind power project manager, heat pump product manager, etc… You can discover more on

Successful recruitment

Recruitment tips

During an interview, communication does not only take place through words, gestures and attitudes also convey a message.

Summer jobs

To look for a job around you, you can turn to temporary employment agencies, trade fairs or go directly to shopkeepers.

Real estate jobs

The job search in this dynamic sector of estate is open to all profiles. Recruitment is plentiful and the professions are promising.