Essential advice before going to a job interview

In order to be successful in a job interview, objectives must be set. The applicant must make a strong impression. He must make his assets known and convince the recruiter that he is the right person for the job.

The importance of the first contact

The recruitment interview represents the first formal exchange between the candidate and his or her future employer. The candidate can and must take advantage of this privileged moment. The idea is to give the interviewer a good impression. In order to be successful in the job interview, he or she must pay attention to simple details such as punctuality or presentation. Beyond appearance, he must take the necessary precautions to be comfortable at the time of the interview. In this way, he will be able to present the image of the professional that will reassure the recruiter. He will also highlight the details that will influence the recruiter's decisions.

Get to know the recruiter and make yourself known

Learning about the recruiter can be critical to a successful job interview. It would be risky to apply for a job in a structure you don't know anything about. Don't hesitate to find out about the company's activities, organisation and the position offered. This information can help to build arguments in support of an application.  On the job market, candidates sell their skills and have to be convincing. They also have an interest in being known for the assets that set them apart. Therefore, they will have to give more information about themselves, their previous experiences and their achievements. From this point of view, the recruitment interview becomes an opportunity to persuade the recruiter of the usefulness of the applicant.

Preparing for the face-to-face: staying in control

This involves visualising the recruitment interview. Being caught off guard by a question is not the best way to succeed in a job interview. The candidate must prepare the information he or she is going to give and structure it. He will have to mentally anticipate the subjects that will be discussed and anticipate questions about the follow-up to the interview. He must try to keep a minimum of control over the course of the exchanges. Beware, it is not a question of leading the recruitment interview. The applicant must persuade the recruiter to address topics that will be favourable to his or her application.  Because when you sell your skills, you don't really want recruiters to detect your weak points.
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