Social networks and real estate job search

Many people think that social networks are mostly for entertainment. Many of us use them to find a good job.

Classic social networks: the example of Facebook

On Facebook groups or pages, real estate recruitment notices are not so rare. There are pages on real estate companies on this site. Yes, pages created by the recruiters themselves. Groups and pages dedicated to job search also display recruitment ads. In addition, there is also the potential of our contact list. It represents our address book. We must take advantage of it for the professional field. Classic social networks are not to be underestimated when looking for a job.

Professional social networks: The examples of LinkedIn and Viadeo

Creating accounts on professional social networks can benefit a job search in real estate. Having this kind of account will help build a network of professional contacts. The profile thus created will be the account holder's CV. At this level, applicants will have to make a constant effort to make themselves known. They must put forward their ambitions and aspirations in relation to real estate. Here, finding a job through a relationship is more obvious. These are not just friendships. It's more about getting to know people in the real estate industry. If, for example, your contact knows of a job offer in real estate, he or she will be able to inform you.

Things to avoid on social networks

Recruiters may try to get to know you through the social networks that put you in touch. In one click they will access the profiles of applicants. Thus, they will have more information by consulting the shares and publications on the accounts. Not everything among the contents will be favorable to find a job. Worse still, recruiters may withhold elements to fail a candidate. So, always be careful what you allow to be posted on your accounts. Learn how to filter what you make known about yourself. Your information is not always adequate for the job search.
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